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Unique Technology, Process and Product 

SolAround’s cutting-edge cell technology, process and product, outperforms current competing technologies thanks to higher cell efficiency, over 90% bifaciality and production yield combined with prolonged stability and low cost, paving its way to becoming the future industry standard.

SolAround's proprietary p-PERT bifacial solar cell technology offers multiple unique advantages:

  • Energy yield increase of 20% - 40% varying by installation type and operating conditions,compared to current mainstream cell technologies in use, at a near standard cost

  • Higher energy density, meaning more energy per area, resulting in reduced LCOE by 10% -30% 

  • Higher cell front efficiency of over 22%, with over 90% bifaciality, which currently enables:

    • A 60 cell module front power of 325Wp, and bifacial power of up to 430Wp- equivalent (@30% bifacial gain)

    • A 72 cell module front power of 390Wp, and bifacial power of up to 510Wp- equivalent (@30% bifacial gain)

    • 30% higher than current monofacial products in market & >10% higher than the best leading bifacial technologies

La Hormiga plant in Chile 

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