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Market Challenge

The global PV cell market is currently estimated at $120B and is growing exponentially, with installations increasing by 15% annually and with cost-of-energy reduction remaining the main priority.

High-efficiency and low production cost are the determining cell characteristics contributing to Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) reduction. Therefore, the future of solar energy lies in high-power, high front-efficiency and highly-bifacial cells, modules and systems, with their high energy-density. These cells, modules and systems will comprise the industry standard in the solar energy market of the future.

Global solar manufacturers are struggling to achieve higher energy cost efficiency and are facing substantial technological barriers while using standard p-type silicon, while all other existing technologies – such as: PERC, PERC-BF, TOPCON HIT, HJT and n-PERT; all provide limited solutions due to high cost and/or lower than expected stability and production yields.

SolAround has developed the optimal high-efficiency and energy density solution: innovative proprietary bifacial PV solar cells. SolAround’s superior technology upgrades the utilization of standard p-type silicon within its unique solar bifacial cells, providing higher cost-effective energy density. SolAround's technology, process and product, position it perfectly, to outperform current industry cell technologies, and welcome the future industry standard significantly reducing LCOE, while substantially contributing to the preservation of the environment.

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