SolAround 's team possess decades of experience in the photovoltaic solar cell technology, with the company's core founding group and technology management team working together over 20 years.

Our combined entrepreneurial spirit, technological track-record, and global collaborations nurtures our innovation and making SolAround a leading player in the solar PV cell market.

Avishai Drori

CEO & Co-founder

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35 years of R&D and management experience across tech sectors, including ELOP / ELBIT, Optid, Scientific Wizard,NDS/CISCO and bSolar.
M.Sc. in Applied Physics – Hebrew University, Israel

Dr. Yossi Kofman

Successful serial entrepreneur and experienced C-level executive, including Modem-Art ($145m exit) and Siklu
D.Sc. in Electrical Engineering – Technion, Israel

Prof. Naftali Eisenberg
CTO & Co-founder

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40+ years of solar and optics research – 1st chief scientist of solar energy pioneer Luz, installed 300MWp solar thermal systems
Ph.D. in Physics – Cl. Bernard University, France

Dr. Lev Kreinin
Chief Scientist & Co-founder

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40+ years of bifacial R&D – co-invented 1st bifacial cells
Ph.D. in Energy Conversion – Scientific Research Institute, Russia

R&D Managers

Ygal Eisenberg

Process Development manager

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Specialties in Crystalline c-silicon solar cell design & fabrication, characterization, and test analysis. 

Asher Karsenti 

Director, Field Testing and Analyses

20 years' experience in solar measurements. Acted as the experimental and measurement chief engineer for solar energy at Luz Solar Ltd. and bSolar Ltd